Laid scrims

Multi filament polyester or glass laid reinforcement scrims for construction (roof), flooring and carpet tiles, pipe reinforcement, foil insulation and automotive a.o.

We’ve engineered a unique machine to produce laid scrims in a width of up to 3 meter. In this process, we chemically bond yarns together, instead of mechanically weaving them. We are thus enhancing the scrim with unique characteristics. A laid scrim looks like a grid where the yarns are laid rectangular and bonded by a chemical to hold the structure and stability of the scrim .

Our laid scrims exhibit a strongly reduced elongation. We have an extensive knowledge in respect to which binder may be best suited to different applications. The choice of the right adhesive may enhance the bonding of the laid scrim with the final product considerably.

With the advanced technology processes we can create densely packed structures, place yarns in various angles and can lay down multiple layers of yarns with various orientations.

Glass laid scrim

Glass laid scrims for roofing, flooring, tiles, pipes, foil insulation, automotive. Lower thickness, high dimensional stability.

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Polyester laid scrim

Polyester laid scrims for roofing, flooring, carpet, tiles, pipe, foil, automotive. Thickness lower in comparison to woven scrims. Low thermal shrinkage.

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