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Our company

We are a European producer of woven and laid scrims.

Our company was founded by Frank Veranneman in 1985 and is part of the Sioen group since 1999. Frank Veranneman is still CEO of the subsidiary and plays an important part as Director in the Management Committee of the Sioen Group.

Our production plant, R&D facilities and sales offices are situated in Ardooie, Belgium.

Factory of the future

We were awarded the prestigious title of “Factory of the Future” for future-oriented manufacturing companies of today.

Our processes are fairly automated, and topics such as being environmentally friendly, energy-saving production and innovative thinking are always top of mind. Our agile and lean way of working in an advanced environment with state-of-the art machines and equipment attracts skilled technical personnel. To live up to the factory of the future award, we are fully implementing the Industry 3.0 and are already working on the Industry 4.0.


This is the communication room in the middle of our production area for which we got a lot of press coverage and great feedback from both our staff and peers.

Frank Veranneman: "We opted for visual management. At the factory, we have installed a COQLBOX. An area with three screens where all employees meet on a regular basis to discuss at the results, read the company news and get informed. Each shift begins and ends there.”

The left screen shows how the production runs at the moment, with simple figures and images. The middle screen actually shows the weaving programs of the weavers with automatically updated information of what needs to be adjusted, and this with individual screens tailored to the skills of our employees, going from product changes, maintenance, preventive maintenance, quality, etc. The third screen on the right is a flexible screen intended to provide extra communication.

Frank Veranneman: “Everyone can read all information in their own language. It is unbelievable how the involvement of the employees by this COQLBOX has been increased. It has clearly become a project for employees and employees. In the past, the information from the team managers and the top teams was top-down. Now the meetings with all employees of Veranneman Technical Textiles have become very interactive. The employees try to improve the results (efficiency, average speed, conformity, quality, less waste ...). The link with our bonus system is stimulating. Now we have even come to the point where we can say that our teams are self-managing teams. On top of that, we no longer have to say what to do, via the COQLBOX they know what the situation is, and what is expected of them."

Part of Sioen

We are part of the Sioen Industries Group and can rely on more than 110 years of textile experience. The company focuses on high quality technical textiles and has the entire production process from yarn, over woven fabrics, nonwovens and coated textiles to chemicals and finishing in house. Sioen is a textile solution provider and produces the fabrics according to your particular specs.

Our production capabilities are gigantic. We focus on efficiency and manufacturing excellence in all our plants. We value people and planet and have a set of rules, guidelines and specific actions, making us into the strong, engages, socially responsible company we are today. Our words are translated in many certificates.

We daily live the corporate slogan: “protection through innovation”. Our innovation reflects in our products and the team of engineers and developers works with high tech equipment in sophisticated labs and always in close contact with our clients. Our 360° view on all aspects of textiles is a major advantage for all our customers.

The companies straightforward Vision, Mission and family Values are clearly established in the annual corporate report, as are our healthy financials. This makes us a solid partner in all your projects.

Technical glossary

Our glossary is a brief dictionary. It contains an alphabetical list of words/topics relating to our professional jargon: coated technical textiles.

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