Woven scrims

Vast range of woven open structure scrims for fencing, waterproofing membranes, shade cloth, wallpaper backing, façade and cladding, carpet and flooring reinforcement, wind shields, scaffolding nets, birds nets, mosquito nets and many more.

We have +100 weaving looms, in widths ranging from 2,5 meter to 3,5 meter. We can weave virtually any yarn and dip it in a coating bath of many polymers. The yarns we use in our scrim weaving process are polyester and glass but also other synthetic polymer yarns, high-modulus yarns, aramid, carbon, UHMWPE (ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene) of the Sioen Siofil brand and other renowned yarn brands.

Our woven scrims have both a mechanical and chemical bonding, making them stronger. In addition, we can add a coating layer in virtually any polymer (PVC, PU, silicone, ...).

Waterproof reinforcement

High tenacity woven scrims with low shrinkage and high tensile strength as waterproofing membranes for roofing, civil engineering, swimming pool liners.

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Lightweight high stability polyester reinforcement scrims for air filtration, spray booths, foil insulation and elastic wall reinforcement.

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Polyester reinforcement scrims with low thermal shrinkage and high tensile strength for foil insulation and elastic wall reinforcement.

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Standard scrim

Durable UV resistant PVC-coated polyester and glass scrims for swimming pool covers, windshields, wind screens, bird nets, sunscreens and safety barriers.

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Special scrim

Scrims for banners, natural ventilation, industrial fencing, bird shields in stable construction, winter pool covers, sunscreens and foldable mosquito nets.

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Heavy duty scrim

Heavy duty PVC-coated polyester scrims for cargo load security, offshore and fencing.

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